FILMTEXT is a digital narrative created for cross-media platforms. It is (will be) a museum installation, a net art site, a conceptual art ebook, an mp3 concept album, and a series of live performances.

In this iteration of the net art site, commissioned by Playstation in conjunction with the ICA in London, Amerika is releasing what he calls "the third part of my new media trilogy ." This initial release of FILMTEXT integrates Amerika's video art, digital photography, writing, and narrative direction, with the Flash art of John Vega, and the sound art of Twine. The attempt here is to investigate the interrelationship between net art, hypermedia narrative and interactive cinema. Part Godard lanaguage art film, part Vertovian Man With A Movie Camera, this version of the work also comes with an mp3 concept album Amerika recorded and produced with Twine, and a conceptual art ebook designed by Jeff Williams. "Introducing, The Digital Thoughtographer..."