GRAMMATRON (1993-1997)

Perhaps the most widely accessed work of net art in the history of the medium, GRAMMATRON, which was one of the first works of net art selected for the prestigious Whitney Biennial, is a story about net culture, Cabala mysticism, digicash paracurrencies and the evolution of virtual sex in a society afraid to go out and get in touch with its own nature. This classic work of depicts a near-future world where stories are no longer conceived for book production but are instead created for a more immersive, network-narrative environment that, taking place on the net, calls into question how a narrative is composed, published, exhibited and distributed in the age of digital dissemination. According to Amerika, "one can still trace a kind of pseudo-autobiographical prophet-taking in GTRON wherein the reconfigured author becomes a nomadically-inclined Internet artist who blurs the simple-minded disciplinary distinctions we find all throughout contemporary culture."