HOLO-X (1998)

By the time Amerika was collaborating with Jay Dillemuth on HOLO-X, both Alt-X and GRAMMATRON had become two of the most widely accessed sites on the Internet. Holo-X was most likely the Internet's first fully-rendered 3-D storyworld environment created especially for the Web, one that generated state-of-the-art VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) design with innovative storytelling, original 3-D audio tracks, and a unique interactive navigational system. The site was developed by the Virtual Reality Laboratory of new media production firm Berkeley Interactive Design in conjunction with the Alt-X Online Publishing Network and highlighted the collaborative efforts of many experimental writers, musicians and web designers from the Bay Area whose unique combination of skills made for a 3-D storyworld whose content stirred up considerable controversy in the net culture.

(Holo-X is no longer available online)