PHON:E:ME (1999)

Amerika calls PHON:E:ME, his first institutional commission from the prestigious Walker Art Center, an "orchestration of writerly effects" composed of a loose confederation of network artists, writers, designers, DJs, programmers and curators, whose combined efforts were able to create a transformational narrative environment that, in the end, tells the story of how net culture is altering our received notions of authorship and originality, and how emerging digital artists are helping break down the boundaries between the virtual and the real, between art and non-art, and the various disciplines that have too often led to rigid compartmentalization and weak critical speculation. The project was promoted as "an mp3 concept album with hyper:liner:notes" and includes an elaborate soundtrack, randomly generated hyper:liner:notes on the history of conceptual art practice through 1999, and a few not-so-heavily disguised rants against the culture industry. Collaborative artists included Erik Belgum, Anne Burdick, Cam Merton, Tom Bland and Brendan Palmer.