ALT-X (1993-Present)

Eventually dubbed a site "where the digerati meet the literati," Alt-X, founded by Mark Amerika in late 1992, started off as a Gopher site called Alternative-X, but soon after the network was launched, the site's community of net artists located around the world came up with the diminutive Alt-X, which has stuck ever since. Originally conceived as an editorially-driven, experimental conceptual art site where various multidisciplinary artists could network their audiences together under one virtual roof, it soon became more than that, becoming one of the first sites to seriously exhibit Internet art and writing. The main goals of the site are to investigate the emerging forms of digital narrative and other genres within Internet art, to test-drive new media publishing technologies that challenge old economic models of cultural production, and to innovate new media marketing strategies targeted at distributed artist communities and art audiences connected via the Internet.